Custom Team Bling  

Pricing Information

Thank you for your interest! We are a small specialty business, therefore we do not keep a large quantity of items on hand due to varying styles and sizes. Please contact us to receive pictures of our in stock items. Items not in stock can most likely be easily ordered but please allow an additional 5-7 business days to receive your item. Please review the pricing below on the varying specialty items we can make especially for you!

Ball Caps


Ball caps range in price from $100.00-$250.00. We have many different design options with any hat you purchase. Simply adding    crystals to the logo on your favorite hat runs between $100-$115. Adding your favorite players number would run $125, adding some beautiful polka dot bling would run between $125-$150 and that eye catching full crystal bill will run between $235-$250. We do carry a number of ball caps in stock.



 Beanies run between $75.00-$100.00 and we do carry a number of beanies in stock.



We have a number of options when embellishing jerseys. You can provide a jersey you already own or we can purchase one for you, however we do not keep jerseys in stock. Jersey embellishment starts at $200.00 and does not include the jersey. When ordering a  jersey please allow 7-10 days turn around time if you are providing your own jersey and 14-18 days if we are ordering a jersey for you. For more detailed pricing please contact us.

T-shirts, Hoodies and more

We do not stock T-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items due to varying styles and sizes. We are happy to order an item for you and embellish quickly as soon as it arrives. We are also happy to embellish a t-shirt, hoodie or other item you already own. Prices are on a piece by piece basis on specialty items. 

For any unanswered questions or if you are ready to order please contact us through our "get in touch" page!